Sunday, September 6, 2009

To give up or not?

I'm currently reading Mirror, Mirror by Judy Baer. It started off with a lot of promise. It seemed like it was going to be a really cute story. But if I have to read one more time that the main character's friend has low self esteem I'm going to rip my eyeballs out. I'm 100 pages in, and it feels like there's nothing going on except for the same thing over and over.

I don't even care what happens, so I'm tempted to just give up on it. I've read a couple of other books by Judy Baer. One was The Whitney Chronicles, which was a 5 star book. The other was The Baby Chronicles, which was only 3. It seems she's a hit or miss author with me. This one, were I to finish, would probably only get 3 tops, maybe 2.

The other thing I'm not liking is the very awkward mini Sunday school lessons throughout. It doesn't feel natural--it feels like she's trying to do a little parable or something. It seems as if the author is trying too hard with the Christian message, but it falls flat and doesn't feel inspiring. So, I think I've talked myself into giving up. This one will be a DNF for me, and I'll move on to another book on my big stack.


Anonymous said...

I give up...too many books on my shelf to waste my time. :) You really need to add the Blogger Follow Widget so that people like me can follow you! :)

Thomas said...

Use the rule of 50. If you aren't digging it after 50 pages you can put it down with no guilt. Nancy Pearl talks about this in her fabulous book: Book Lust.