Tuesday, October 20, 2009

REVIEW - Oracle's Legacy: Shadows of Fate

Title: Oracle's Legacy: Shadows of Fate
Author: R.B. Holbrook
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Got it from: the author
Why I read it: received a review copy, 2nd in series
Grade: A-

This is the second in the Oracle's Legacy trilogy.  I don't want to say more, because I want to avoid spoilers, and there's no way to describe this book without doing so.

My review:
This took me longer to read than I would have liked.  That happens when my husband has a four day weekend and things get busy.  Most everything I would want to say about this book, I said in the review of the first book.  All the things I loved about the first one were here.

But, this book suffers from what I'll call second book in a trilogy syndrome.  By that I mean it's a bridge between an action packed first book, and (what I believe will be) an action packed third book.  There's more information than action going on here.  And that's not necessarily a bad thing.  The world building in this story is still incredible.  I can't imagine how much time the author must have spent coming up with all the details.  Sometimes, as a reader, it's hard to keep all those details and the characters straight.  I almost feel like I need to take notes. :)

And even though this book was more information oriented than action oriented, there were still some really cool action scenes.  One in particular I would love to see play out on a big screen, because I can just picture the magnitude and the awesomeness.  In fact, sometimes while I'm reading I almost feel like I'm reading a movie script, because I think this story would work really well as a movie.  But then, I'm really a sucker for superhero movies.

I'm very excited to read the third book when it comes out, and see how it all ends.  I just hope it has a happy ending, because I'm not sure I could take a sad ending to this trilogy.  I want it to end well.  Again, I would recommend these first two books of the trilogy.  This is a new author to keep an eye on, for sure!

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