Thursday, January 28, 2010

Captain America: Road to Reborn

Title: Captain America: Road to Reborn
Author: Ed Brubaker
Genre: Graphic Novel
Page Count: 176
Why I read it: I like comics
Grade: B-

Sharon Carter's dreams are forcing her to relive the death of Steve Rogers - and her time under the control of Dr. Faustus. But will these dreams also reveal hidden secrets about what she saw and did on the day Steve died Collects Captain America #49-50; #600-601.

My review:
Once again I find myself reading a Captain America where about half of the book isn't Steve Rogers as Captain America.  Luckily, some of it was told in flashbacks, so half of it was Steve Rogers.  I wish my library had a bigger selection of Captain America graphic novels, because this is all I seem to be able to find.  I would love to read the older ones.

As for "Road to Reborn", there were some parts that I really liked.  The artwork was awesome, some of the stories were great, but the problem I had was that it was really confusing.  It jumped all over the place, from person to person, and setting to setting.  It was a little hard to follow.  I wouldn't recommend this to graphic novel readers, unless you are big Captain America fans or love Marvel.  And I wouldn't recommend it at all to non-graphic novel readers.


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