Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's In the Bible (+Giveaway)

Tyndale House Publishers has a new video line out called "What's in the Bible".  I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a blog tour, and received the first two DVD's of the series to review.  They were a lot of fun.  Want to get an idea of what they're about?  Watch the preview:

I find it sad that so many Christians today don't really know very much about the Bible.  It's most likely because from the time we're kids, so much of our entertainment and free time is spent with other pursuits.  That's what's so great about these videos.  My kids can watch them and be entertained, all the while learning about the most important book there is.

And you know what?  I even learned a thing or two while watching What's in the Bible.  I'm definitely not any kind of Bible scholar, but since these DVD's are aimed at kids, I thought it would be filled with the really simple stuff that any Christian adult should know.  And a lot of it is that, but there are gems in there that were things I didn't already know.  These DVD's are a great resource for both learning and entertainment.

My kids loved all the different characters, and it never got boring because it bounced around from information to songs, with funny stuff sprinkled all throughout.  If your kids like Veggie Tales, they'll love this new DVD series from Phil Vischer.

Check out the What's In the Bible website for a lot of other goodies and information.

And lastly, would you like to check out these DVD's for yourself?  I have certificates for volumes 1 and 2 to give away (there will be 2 winners, 1 certificate per winner).  These can be redeemed at your local Christian bookstore or by sending the certificate to Tyndale Publishers (instructions for this is on the back of the certificate).  To enter, just leave a comment here.  Also, you must be a follower of this blog to enter (that way I can easily contact you if you win).  The giveaway will end on March 31st at 11:59 PM.  :)  


Amy Holden said...

While I'd love to check out the videos, my reason for commenting is to tell you that I have learned SO MUCH about the Bible since I started teaching the 4/5 year olds at our church a few years ago. Sadly, my knowledge of the Old Testament ended right around Genesis but the lessons for the kids have taught me so much!

tracy said...

I would love a chance to win! I learn right along with Zoe and even stories I feel I know, are renewed each time we read them, as God is in even the smallest details!

Felicia H. said...

me me me pick me

sjchunko said...

I would love to check these videos out for my kids. We read one of two different children's bibles to our kids at night &/or do devotions from a children's devotional book. It would be nice to have another way to teach them what's in the Bible. We love Veggie Tales and I'm curious what these are like.

Christa said...

We'd love to try this new series out. We had 2 kids and finding something for them to watch based on the Bible is awesome.

kktb1216 said...

Would love to have these for the grandkids trying to get them interested
Thank you