Tuesday, September 22, 2009

REVIEW - What difference do it make?

I was sent What difference do it make? for review.  It sounded exactly like my kind of book, so I started it right away.  It only took me an afternoon to read it, and I read the whole thing with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.

This is a follow up book to Same Kind of Different as Me, which I haven't read, but will be reading as soon as I can get my hands on it.  This is one of those books that touched me in a way that few books do.  It made me take a good, long look at myself, like God was saying, "Brenda, I'm talking to you."  I don't have to travel halfway around the world to find people to serve; they can be found anywhere.

The story switches from the point of view of Ron, an international arts dealer whose wife dragged him to help at a homeless shelter before she died of cancer; and Denver, a formerly homeless man whom Ron met at that homeless shelter.  There are also stories of people whose lives were touched by reading Same Kind of Different as Me.

I think I enjoyed the parts from Denver's point of view, but it was all very good.  I would say there was one slow part, right in the middle for a chapter or two, but it wasn't enough to take away my enjoyment of the book.  There's something to be said for books that can cause people to make major life changes, and I think this is one of those books.  From the stories told, clearly the previous book did so.  How many times can we read the Bible, particularly Matthew 25, and have it not sink in?  Why does it take books like this to make people (including me) get it?  I don't have the answer to that question.

This is a book that I will be passing around to family and friends, because I think it's not only an engaging read, but it's an important read.  I would rate it 5/5 and would recommend it to anyone--I don't care who you are.  If you've read and enjoyed this book, and are looking for more of the same, I would recommend Red Letters by Tom Davis, and Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

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Christy--Southern Sassy Girl said...

I had no idea there was a sequel out for Same Kind of Different as Me. I did the audiobook of that one earlier this year, and it definitely got under my skin like this one did for you.

I'll be looking for this new one for sure. :o)