Thursday, December 24, 2009


Title: Crashed
Author: Robin Wasserman
Genre: YA Science fiction
Page Count: 440
Why I read it: 2nd in a series
Grade: B

In this follow-up to "Skinned," Lia becomes swept up in the idea of being a revolutionary after she joins Jude and his roving gang of mechs. But as plans escalate, she starts having second thoughts. How many people--mechanical and organic--is she willing to hurt to protect her freedom?

My review:
This one started off a little slow, but the pace soon picked up, and after that it was pretty action packed.  I liked this one better than the first in the series.  I felt like there was more to the story than just a girl feeling sorry for herself, surrounded by a bunch of jerks.  In this book, she still seemed to be surrounded by a lot of sarcastic, mean people, but she seems to be finding her place.

This book brings up a lot of ethics questions.  What does it mean to be human?  What makes a person a person?  It's interesting to think about, and I like books that make me think about things that I otherwise probably wouldn't even be considering.  I would recommend this series.

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