Saturday, June 12, 2010

Word of Promise New Testament Audio Bible

Title: Word of Promise New Testament
Genre: Bible
Page Count: Audio-20 CDs
Why I read it: received for review from BookSneeze
Grade: A+

A 20-hour, 20-CD, diverse star-studded audio Bible production of The New Testament. This multi-voiced faithful rendering of the NKJV New Testament is presented in a compelling, dramatic audio theater format.

My review:
My thoughts on this one are going to be pretty straightforward and unsurprising. As a Christian, it's no secret that I hold the Bible close to my heart.

This particular rendition of the New Testament is just wonderful. Sometimes it's hard to find time to sit down and read the Bible. There are always other things to do--run the kids to sports games or dance class, laundry, house cleaning, driving to and from work, getting in some exercise. But the beauty of this audio Bible is that you can listen to it while doing any of the above mentioned things. My kids and I loved listening to this while we were in the car driving. I loved listening while I took walks.

It goes beyond regular audio books, with the dramatic format. Different actors for different characters, background music and noises--it's much more than just someone reading the Bible. This is a treasure in our home, and I would recommend this to every Christian.

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