Friday, July 2, 2010

Rapunzel's Revenge

Title: Rapunzel's Revenge
Author: Shannon and Dean Hale
Genre: YA Graphic Novel
Page Count: 144
Why I read it: browsing graphic novels at the library, and it caught my eye.
Grade: C

Rapunzel is raised in a grand villa surrounded by towering walls. Rapunzel dreams of a different mother than Gothel, the woman she calls Mother. She climbs over the wall and finds out the truth. Her real mother, Kate, is a slave in Gothel's gold mine. In this Old West retelling, Rapunzel uses her hair as a lasso and to take on outlaws--including Gothel.

My review:
The idea for this story was interesting enough, but there just wasn't enough to really keep me engaged. I thought it was just okay in just about every aspect. The artwork, the plot, everything was good enough, but it was nothing exceptional.

The different take on Rapunzel was fun, and a good, empowering story for young girls. I think a lot of times with graphic novels, it really just depends on my mood. I've got to be in the right mood for them, and the current reading slump I'm going through is not it. I think this would definitely be a fun graphic novel for young girls, fans of fairy tales, and graphic novel lovers.

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Ashley said...

I liked this book, but I think part of that was the novelty of it. It was well written with fun/snarky dialogue and great pictures, but it was the very first graphic novel I'd ever read.

And, I absolutely love fairy tales. Which, is why I was super happy to notice the quote under your blog name! I'm definitely old enough for fairy tales again!